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Is Islam Compatible With the West?

Many people fear a 'Clash of civilizations'.  They believe that it is inevitable that the Muslim world will fight the West in the ultimate struggle for survival.  Right-Wong websites have stereotyped Muslims as a barbaric horde coming to the West to rape their White women.  But is this true?  Contemporary Muslim says no and it is our aim to show you why.

Islam Is the Answer for the West's Problems

Islam is a complete way of life that gives it's followers guidance.  It is a religion that teaches giving mercy to all of mankind and to have love for both your fellow man and God.  Islam gives people the spiritual and moral tools in order to be a better citizen which will improve themselves and if implemented will improve society. Contemporary Muslim looks to educate people about traditional Islam and its role in making the world a better place for all of humanity.  We all share this planet equally and we should coexist as one family regardless of religion or race.

Meet the Team

So far Contemporary Muslim has been a one man show but if you would like to contribute articles or help in any other way please contact Steven Pearce.

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Steven Pearce

Founder & Blogger


Steven Pearce became Muslim in 1997.  Since that time he has studied at the Zaytuna Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area and at the Grand Mosque of Zaytouna.  He has had the opportunity to study under many scholars. He also holds a Bachelor of Integrated Studies from Weber State University in Sociology/Anthropology/Political Science.  He has his MBA in Sustainability Management and Master of Project Management.  He is a prolific writer with articles in the Inscriber Magazine, The Muslim Vibe, United Muslims, and al-Maghrib Magazine.  Steven has been interviewed by PressTV.