An open letter to a would be Jihadi, Islam is about love not hate

Salaam alaykum Rahmatu Allaahi Wa Barakhato (May the peace and blessing of Allah Be Upon You),

My name is Steven Pearce and I have been an American Muslim for over 19 years.  I have had the distinction of studying under some of the top Malaki Scholars in Islam.  I have studied at the Grand Mosque of Zaytouna in Tunisia, as well has helped a PHD of Islamic Studies from al-Azhar complete his dissertation research on Islam in America.  I hold Ijazats as well.  I am very passionate about Islam and anyone who knows me knows this fact about me.  I have written over 50 articles in defense of Islam so when I say something you can know that I am sincere.  I am a Student of Knowledge.

In light of the mindless recent attacks performed by crazed people in the name of Islam, I find myself in the precarious position of having people suspicious of me being a terrorist.  Every time that someone does something in the name of Islam, every Muslim is looked at with suspicion.  As a result, violence against Muslim Americans have risen by 70% over the last two years.

Whenever a terrorist act occurs that gets international media, the Islamophobes increase their rhetoric and commit violence against innocent Muslims.  It is always the women and the children that suffer as a result.  Then the war-mongers use this as an opportunity to increase their control of the Middle East.

I know your type.  You will bring up how America is a war criminal that has created a war machine fighting against Islam for their Zionist masters.  First of all, you claim to follow Islam.  Islam guarantees the rights of innocence.  You cannot kill the woman, children, the elderly, unarmed men. Destroy building, or cut down trees.  Islam only allows for the fighting of mutual combatants.  To try to hold Americans and other non-Muslims to this standard his hypocritical and holds no basis in Islam.  Sharia does not apply to non-Muslims because they do not have the truth yet.  Also there have been non-Muslims who acquired Allah’s favor before they became Muslim.  Saiden Abu Bakr is a proof of this.  It is known by Muslims that he had earned Allah’s favor before taking his Shahada.

By making people feel uncomfortable at a time when the Middle Class is eroding, where people are worried about their jobs or their savings, by others that are living paycheck to paycheck must now deal with the issue of having the ‘Muslim Next Door’ creates a climate for demagogues to manipulate these emotions that can cause a climate for genocide.   Don’t believe me, watch the rise of Donald Trump in comparison to Adolf Hitler.

I have lived overseas and truth be told, people do not understand the true military might of the United States.  The United States has not been in an all-out war since WWII.  However, we have the plans drawn up for all scenarios

This was from his works This that include the potential use of nuclear weapons.  The United States has used Atomic weapons before and would know do use them again in order to secure their borders.

I can hear you know telling me how this is a lack of faith and that Allah will give victory to the ‘Muslims’.  How can you call yourself Muslim when you kill innocents in direct disobedience to Allah.  You say it is okay because you use the rationalization of Syed Qutb that said that, “Even though Allah says not to kill innocents in the Qur’an, since America and Israel kill Muslims that their civilians are open targets around the world”. This was from his books Milestones and In the Shade of the Qur’an.  Both books have been refuted multiple times from the top Scholars, including scholars from Mecca and Medina.

This same ideology was used by Ayman al-Zawahiri by the al-Qaeda network.  I want to make something very clear to you.  The very essence of Tawhid, or oneness of Allah is to acknowledge Allah as lord.  This requires obedience.  Also you cannot perform Shirk which is worshipping or following other than Allah.  If Allah says in the Qur’an, do not kill innocents, and yet you follow someone that says not to listen to the Qur’an but listen to them because of these perceived war crimes and aggressions against the Muslims, are they a Muslim?  Isn’t that direct disobedience?  As a matter of fact, wouldn’t that be associating partners with Allah by following the book of Syed Qutb, making you perform Shirk which is the only unforgiveable sin?  You know us Muslims believe that performing a Shirk like this will put you in the hellfire.

I must ask you, what caused you to have so much hate in your heart.  You are willing to fly across the world to fight in some battle or kill innocent people elsewhere, and yet you are not willing to talk to people and offer your take on world views or explain your religion.  In a time where people are always searching and curious about Islam, instead of using this as an opportunity for da’wa (invitation) to Islam, you instead alienate people from our Prophet’s message.  In your bloodlust, you would rather kill innocents instead of trying to build bridges.  Spread violence instead of love yet one of the 99 names of Allah as al-Waddudiya, the Most Loving God.

Our Prophet always prayed for his enemies and according to one of our traditions when he had left Mecca because he was being humiliated and the people were throwing rocks at him. He prayed to Allah and asked if Allah was angry with him or if he should still do his mission. Two angels appeared and asked the Prophet if they wanted him to take the two mountains and throw them on the inhabitants of Mecca killing them all. The Prophet said, “No, maybe if they do not become Muslim, then their descendants will become Muslim”. We all now know very well that this is what happened, the entire Gulf became Muslim.

The Prophet Muhammad said that, “He is a reflection of his Ummah (People), if he looked bad it is because of the bad character of the people”.  Now we have people having contests drawing our beloved Prophet because these Khawarij terrorists violate the tenants of Islam and make people believe that they are the real Muslims.  Our religion is a religion of Adab or good manners and character.  However, these people killing innocents and have nothing to do with Islam.  All of the scholars have said that if you join these Khawarij groups that you are not a Muslim that you are going to Hell.

Please take the time and learn what Islam really teaches.  Know that it is a guide for humanity on how to do the best things.  Allah swt tells us in the Qur’an that he could have made us all one Ummah but he did not in order for us to compete in doing good to each other.  We should love one another not fight one another. Do not forget the lessons of the First Hadith, the Hadith of Mercy.  Show Mercy to all of Mankind just like Allah the Most Merciful showed you and do not keep mercy from others because Allah swt will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to other people.  This is a stark reminder and a warning, if you fear Allah swt you will heed the message.

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