50 Christians Armed with Assault Weapons Storm the 2018 ISNA Conference in Houston, Texas

As the Islamic Society of North American (ISNA) began its 55th annual National conference at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, a group of armed Christians stormed the conference carrying assault weapons.  According to eye witnesses the Christian group chanted, “Your moon god will bow down to our real god” in a show of trying to bully and intimidate the Muslims in attendance. This act is meant to intimidate American Muslims and make them feel as if they are not welcome in the United States.

With the rise of our current president, there has been an increase of hate crimes against Muslims in America.  The Islamophobes behind these attacks feel that they have an ally as president making them feel justified in their actions. They hold the belief that Islam is illegal in the United States and that it is their duty to help Trump rid the USA of Muslims.  Any audit of Islamophobic Facebook pages will confirm this.

Groups such as Atlas Shrugs, Act for America, and the extremist militia III Percenters are openly hostile towards Muslims and the III Percenters have even been recorded in documentaries stating that they are training to cleanse the USA of Muslims.

The protest is organized by the hate groups, ‘Soldiers of Odin’ and ‘Texas Patriots Group’.

The convention is filled with some of the top Muslim leaders in the USA and the world and this will be spoken about around the world.  In the pictures it is clear that there is a police presence, but they are doing nothing to stop the protesters or to protect the innocent Muslims at the conference.

Under the current regime, the Muslims have been targeted starting with the Muslim ban.  This has extended to other groups as well with Trump having immigrant children ripped from their parents with their locations lost.  It has been talked about that the missing children have been sold for sex slavery and for organ transplants.  It is not know if this is true but under the current administration anything is feasible.

Trump is now having Latino American citizens born near the Mexican border stripped of their citizenship and having their passports taken from them.  They have been prevented from reentering the USA and their birth certificates are not being accepted.  He has been behind a quiet ethnic cleansing of Latinos.  Now he has been targeting Vietnamese with 10,000 ethnic Vietnamese stripped of their citizenships and deported to Vietnam. Indeed, if you are not White and Christian you are no longer safe in America.

The article was updated to reveal the names of the Groups behind the protest, Soldiers of Odin and Texas Patriot Network.

2 thoughts on “50 Christians Armed with Assault Weapons Storm the 2018 ISNA Conference in Houston, Texas”

  1. I am so sorry that bigotry has a high place of honor in the White House these days. It grants permission for events such as this. No god but an evil god would be pleased.

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