Contemporary Muslim Named 7th Best Muslim Lifestyle Blog on Earth

Contemporary Muslim was just named the 7th best out of the top 15 Muslim Lifestyle blogs on the planet to follow in 2018 by We are very happy for this recognition and plan to continue to give articles that are beneficial to the Muslim Ummah and society as a whole insha’Allaah.

Contemporary Muslim was birthed out of necessity to combat Islamophobia as well as extremism in the Muslim religion.  Steven Pearce, the founder of Contemporary Muslim has been writing on contemporary Muslim issues for a while beginning with the Inscriber Magazine.  As he began to get more known, his articles were placed in publications globally.  As a result, it was deemed necessary to have a site to collect all of his writings and to look for other Muslims that want to write articles about issues facing Muslims today.

Not only does Contemporary Muslim speak about Islamic issues, but also has articles on current political and social issues.  Most being in the United States because that is where Contemporary Muslim is based out of.

Contemporary Muslim has books for free that are for Muslims, new-Muslims, and people curious about religion.  The website also has sections for comparative religions and an explanation of what Islam is and what Muslims believe.  There is a forum which has only recently been launched with new people signing up for it weekly.  It has a social media feel to it so people can make profiles, add friends, and create groups of their own.

Contemporary Muslim is currently looking to create a radio show to discuss issues and a podcast.  We look to educate people on traditional issues and to discuss current politics. There are also videos of Muslim Scholars that Contemporary Muslim finds beneficial.

The website began to be developed in August of 2018 and to already be recognized is an amazing occurrence.  Some of the other blogs are very established and we are honored to be associated with them on the same list. is a website that has many blogs in one place allowing for subscribers to get weekly feeds of their favorite blogs to follow.  There are hundreds of topics and is a great resource for people looking to follow their favorite blogs or to discover new ones without having to spend hours browsing multiple websites.

If you would like to contribute articles to Contemporary Muslim, then send us a message with your proposal.  If you would like to help us continue with this da’wa work, then please give us sadaqat or a donation to be able to keep the website up.

Jazakhullaah khair.

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