The first commandment give to Prophet Muhammad PBUH by the Angel Gabreel (Gabriel) was read. This became the first Ayat that was revealed in the Qur’an. This Ayat states: Read [O Muhammad!] in the name of your Lord who created. (96.1) He created man from a clot. (96.2) Read, and your Lord is the Most Honorable (96.3) who taught with the pen. (96.4)

Islam comes from a scholarly tradition where it is recommended for all Muslims, from women and men to educate themselves from the cradle to the grave.  Islam is rich in history and knowledge and Muslims have contributed a lot of knowledge to the world.  Many ideas have been taken from the Muslims, even the Theory of Evolution as well as the Bog Bang.

Muslims believe that we should have both religious and secular knowledge.  Even the study of Science is an act of worship in Islam.

In honor of this, we have made available many Islamic texts to educate you. Here is a collection of Islamic books translated into English that are downloadable as PDF files for free. Take as many as you want. Please let others know about these books.

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