Opinion: Tomi Lahren the alt-Right Princess and her Legacy of Spreading Hate

Tomi Lahren, the blonde bombshell host of the Blaze’s Final Thoughts show is taking White Supremacy mainstream.  After Trevor Noah humiliated her through Kindness, logic, and wit on the Daily Show, she suddenly became a celebrity overnight.  Due to her stunning good looks, it made this transition easier.

Tomi’s rise to fame began with her racist attacks against Beyoncé and the Black Lives Movement.   Beyoncé’s Halftime performance during Super Bowl 50 was to protest police brutality and support the Black Lives Movement.  Due to the racial tensions simmering as a result of the amount of national publicity bringing to light the targeting of unarmed Black men by police officers, Beyoncé felt that it was her duty to bring international attention to the plight of Blacks being unjustly targeted by a racist police and judicial system.  Tomi was against this.

Tomi began a slur campaign against Beyoncé and included her husband Jay Z.  She said that they are hypocrites due to Jay Z admitting to selling drugs for 14 years before he began rapping and establishing his career as a true entrepreneur and business tycoon.  Jay then responded with a song.

Charlemagne the God, the radio host for the Breakfast Club then began dissing Tomi on the radio.  He called her the Donkey of the Day.  She then hosted him on her show and they debated Black Lives Matter and Beyoncé.  Tomi consistently avoided the question of if there is a problem with police brutality against people of color, or not.  Instead she said that the people should not protest, not caring about why they are protesting.

Tomi was then given her own official show on the Blaze and her first show featured Pamela Geller.  In this show Pamela Geller talks about profiling Muslims and monitoring mosques in America, for which Tomi agrees.  Let me make this clear, Tomi was for monitoring and watching mosques.  Since then she has called for a national registration system of Muslims.

When Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers began his protest of the National Anthem by sitting down, Tomi went into another tyrade.  She said on her show that, “Kaepernick was Un-American and if he did not like it here then he could leave”.  She went on to say that, “A person that makes $18 Million a year throwing a football has no right to protest.”.  Lahren then went on to further attack Black Lives Matter.

Tomi Lahren has also made rants against the people protesting the Trump victory.  She has made claims that George Soros paid them.  She called them ‘crybabys’ and was her usual angry White Woman self when she attacked them.

Tomi Lahren’s newest targets are the Muslims and the Native Americans protesting the pipeline of the Dakotas.  The Sioux want to protect their land, and water.  Lahren said that there was an environmental impact assessment analysis done but what she failed to mention was that it was done by the same company, not a third party. This is deceptive and nullified that contract.  The project has now been delayed while a third part does an environmental impact assessment analysis.

While Tomi Lahren has shown a pattern of ranting against people of color protesting, she has not once never ranted against White groups protesting, such as that militia in Oregon, but instead she supports them.

Trevor Noah was correct when he asked Tomi, “When is it right to Protest?  When is it okay for people of color to protest, when they are always told it is the wrong time?  Why doesn’t what they protest matter?  Where is the empathy?”.

Tomi is only 23 and it seems that she is open to dating Black men as one person asked her while she was in NYC.  Also, there were rumors that her and Trevor Noah were seen together on a date after her appearance.  They seemed friendly but were continuing their debate.  Maybe she does not realize how racist she seems because she is from South Dakota, was not exposed to a lot.  Then moved to Dallas, where it is a provincial culture.  Now she is starting to go to New York and get culture.  Perhaps being only 23 and being exposed to culture she might start seeing issues from other perspectives, but as of right now her viewpoints ring of White Supremacism and looks like just another angry White woman who copied the ranting style and bigotry of Judge Judy.

I am betting that she stays in the same mold, because it is making her money and deep down she is a bigot.  She abhors anyone not White or Christian.  I do hope that she changes though.  Only time will tell.

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