The Crisis of ISIS: The Dogs of Hell

The Crisis of ISIS is real. ISIS aka Daa’ish has been around for almost 6 years but has only really gotten a lot of attention after they blitzed through multiple cities in Iraq and Syria in only a matter of a couple of weeks. Then there has been multiple beheadings of journalists and citizens of numerous countries. These were done for the shock value and to terrorize the world’s population. When this no longer got the desired effect, ISIS burnt a Jordanian pilot alive, and filmed it for the world to see.

ISIS did many more barbaric acts than what the news has shown here. The news only shows ISIS when they kill a Westerner, a Christian, or from a religion other than Islam. What they have not shown is what ISIS did to Sunni Muslims who were from tribes that they did not like and to Shia. When I was in Tunisia I saw videos of them cutting off the heads of babies in front of their mothers and then killing their mothers just because they did not want to join ISIS, they supported either Assad or the Free Syrian Army. They were burying alive people from the FSA as well as Assad supporters.

                                   Video of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf discussing the Crisis of ISIS.

In Islam it is not permissible to kill non-mutual combatants. It is not permissible to kill unarmed men, women, or children, the elderly, kill animals, destroy buildings, or destroy trees. There is no compulsion of religion either. You cannot force someone to become a Muslim or they will kill you. The Qur’an says that, “If you murder one person it is like murdering all of mankind; and if you save the life of one person, that it is like saving the life of all of mankind.”

Every major scholar has kicked ISIS aka Daaish out of the religion. ISIS are Khawarij, a group that has killed Islamic leaders since the time of the Prophet Muhammad. ISIS refers to themselves as Dawla or aw-Dawla meaning “Dynasty” or “State”. Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi from the Grand Ummayad Mosque in Syria said that, “We do not care about al-Baghdadi, he is going to Hell”. Yaqoubi went further on to state that ISIS are not Muslims and if anyone joins ISIS then they are out of the religion. Shaykh Yaqoubi, a Sunni Malaki, comes from a family of Scholars who are direct descendants of the Prophet Muhammad.

How will we know them? There has been Hadiths are revelations given to Muslims to warn them of this nefarious group. Some of these Hadiths that are related to Ali, and are in the Malaki sources says that there would be a people who claim to be from the Muslim Ummah “Muslims” but are not. They would be Arabs. They would be long-haired and would wear their hair like women. They would act openly pious but their prayers would not go past their throats. They would be ignorant and cause bloodshed everywhere. They will always be fighting amongst each other; we can see this phenomenon now with all of the 100’s of groups currently fighting in Syria.

They would be under the control of people who were insignificant, not educated in the religion; that this group would be ran by stupid-young boys. They can give their commands to many people at once. These people never use their own names but instead use names like Abu so-and or a name where they are from like al-Baghdadi. They never use their tribal name. When we see these people, referred to as a great “Fitnah” which means a “trial, sedition, or civil strife”, we should stay at home. Every time this “Fitnah” comes down in one place, it begins in another place. You can see this through the spread of ISIS from outside of Iraq and Syria, and into places such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Libya. We are also told that if we see the “Black Flag” that it begins with “fitnah” and in the midst of it is “delusion, misguidance, and error” and it ends with “Athiesm”. Due to their brutal nature, killing people in the name of religion, it is causing more people to lose their faith resulting in more Athiests.

A warning is also that they are very dishonest, you cannot believe any word that they say. These people had said they wanted to do prisoner swaps when they had already killed their prisoners. These people are evil and if we answer their call Muslims would go to the hellfire. These are things said to the Muslims by the Prophet Muhammad to warn them about ISIS.

When I was in Tunisia I witnessed that the vast-majority of the people are nervous about ISIS and are ashamed that these people refer to themselves as Muslims. However there were some people who supported them. Some of them just are excited about the word Caliphate, they are hoping that there has been a Caliphate created. Others are told that there is work in the “Islamic-State” and when they get there they are realized that they are lied to. However they are still going under the guise that there is work for them.

An interesting observation that I made when I was in Tunisia was that there were not any supporters of ISIS who were religious. The people who supported ISIS were secular Arabs and not one of them knew what the Islamic religion taught.

One Islamic subject ignored by ISIS is the letter given to the Prophet Muhammad to Christians guaranteeing the safety of Christians in the Muslim world. The letter even goes so far as to tell a Muslim man that if he marries a Christian woman to not prevent her from attending her church.

Another subject that is very important to Islam, and the first Hadith is about this topic, is the topic of Mercy. The first Hadith is the Hadith of Mercy where Prophet Muhammad says, “To have mercy on all mankind as Allaah has had mercy on you because Allaah withholds her mercy from those whom do not show mercy to others”.

ISIS has shown time-and-time again that they are against mercy, that mercy is a sign of weakness. They believe that by showing weakness they will make that world tremble at their brutality. The only thing that ISIS has accomplished is to anger every good citizen of the world. ISIS only kills the weak, not people that can defend themselves. Islam commands to protect the weak because if the weak are not protected then religious centers get destroyed and people are prevented from following their religion. Muslims should never prevent others from following their religion.

ISIS is a very dangerous organization that needs to be eradicated, completely wiped out. Giving weapons to Arab tribes or groups is not an option. We might possible consider giving weapons and support to actual Arab States. Another possibility would be to send in the US Marines and just get the job done. Many Arabs would be happy to see this happen and would support American intervention.

What do you think? Discuss in the comments section.

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