The Enemy Amongst Us

The enemy is amongst us and they are not Brown, they are not Muslim, and they are not Black. They do not speak a foreign language but in fact will quite often speak a Southern dialect of English with a twangy accent. We do not need a wall to keep them out because they were all born domestically. They are White, Evangelical, and Republican. Since Trump has taken office, the Republicans have led a full-on attack on Democracy. They stole the presidential election with the help of America’s biggest enemy. They have now been seen to suppress votes of Black voters in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, even burning votes of Black voters in Georgia in order to guarantee a Republican win.

The Republicans use to be the enemies of the Russians, now they work to appease them. Under the era of Reagan, the Republicans were very much involved with the take down of Russia and believed in America being superior over Russia. They used to believe in what the Constitution stood for. Once upon a time they were the Party of Abraham Lincoln. Now Republicans will say that they do not care if Russia helped Trump win the election because it kept Hillary out of office. So, what changed?

We all know that the Russians hacked the DNC and gave it to Wikileaks in order to create chaos with the Dems before the election. Their aim was to sow discord and discontent in order to get Bernie supporters and Hillary supports to go after each other’s necks. What is lesser known is that the RNC was hacked as well. So why hasn’t the negative info about the Republicans been released?

It seems that the info that was hacked is being used to blackmail Republican politicians into submission. Case in point, Senator Lyndsey Graham who was once one of Trump’s most outspoken opponents is now his biggest lapdog in the Senate. He will fight tooth and nail to defend Trump even if it costs him his integrity and reputation, which it seems he already lost. There is not a shred left of integrity in Graham’s body. There are whispers that the Russians have compromising evidence of Graham’s sexuality, but in 2019 nobody cares about anyone’s sexuality so why should this matter?

More evidence has been starting to leak that the Russians have given money to Graham and McDonnell, upwards of $3 Million USD or more each. It is even rumored that the entire RNC has been compromised because they are all on the take for Russian money. The Russians were funneling money through the NRA and even had their little Red Sparrow, Maria Butina, sleeping with Republican men and having them push the Russian agenda. The Russians love to get compromising info on their targets, called Kompromat, in order to force their target to do their bidding.

It seems that the biggest target of Russian Kompromat is in Donald Trump himself. According to the Dossier, which has had many things proven, and nothing disproven as of yet, there are tapes of Trump with Russian hookers urinating on the bed. What is not being told in American media but is being whispered overseas is that the pee-pee tape shows Trump with the hookers who are underage. The girls are believed to be around 14 years old. This is not surprising to Trump’s proclivity to address young girls by saying that they might be his future wife. He has been known to attend parties with underage girls with Jeffrey Eppstein. Even the Times of Israel reported about these cocaine-fueled parties.

Trump even has made disparaging and sexual remarks about both of his daughters and even said about Ivanka that if she were not his daughter, he might be dating her. He has taken many inappropriate pictures with her since her youth. It makes one wonder if she has been a life-long victim of sexual abuse by Trump. Let us not forget the lawsuits by 12-13 year old girls who said that Trump forcibly raped them in Epstein’s presence and then through money at them in case they needed an abortion. This man is truly a sadistic monster, so what does that make his followers?

It is easy to target the Republicans after they were taken over by the Tea Party. Most of these people are uneducated buffoons that are controlled through emotions due to their hatred of minorities and Muslims. They will affiliate with anyone that says that they will be their savior that protects them from being a minority in a country led by Brown and Blacks. After Obama was president, they felt like they were losing their perceived status of power and that they would never be able to oppress minorities again. For them equality equals oppression because they could no longer maintain the White Supremacist status quo.

It is known amongst Republican circles that Trump is compromised. Even Paul Ryan was recorded saying Trump was taking Russian money and to keep it secret. This is not patriotic, these are the words of a traitor and anyone who supports Trump and the Republicans are traitors and will be looked down upon contempt in history as the people that were the biggest threats to American Democracy. Lets all hope that they are not successful in achieving Putin’s goal in the destruction of America.

It is obvious that the destruction of America is underway. Trump has placed in every cabinet someone that was vehemently opposed to the government agency that they found themselves a part of. He has rolled back many protections of our water and environment; broken treaties with Native Americans; Broken treaties with Iran; Weakened NATO and our friendship with our European allies; all that he has done is appease his Russian handler Putin and done everything to help Russia.

When Trump put sanctions on China, our farmers lost billions on soybeans that now go to Russian farmers. He claims be America First, but he has plants to use Russian steel for his wall which will give his company a kickback on. For him the racist wall is all about money and a monument for his self-appeasement. His ego knows no bounds.

Trump’s followers are the biggest threat in American society. Trump’s rhetoric has given them the green light to attack minorities and they have done this with a viciousness. They have performed many acts of terrorism since Trump has taken office and many more acts of terrorism by Trump supporters has been stopped by the heroic actions of the FBI. This is why Trump hates the FBI. He made sure to take White Supremacist groups off of the terrorist watch list but it is obvious that the FBI is ignoring this order placed by known racist Jeff Sessions and are still arresting these Nazi groups.

You cannot govern through division. You cannot govern through fear. This is precisely what Trump has done. He does not care about the American people, he is trying to create his own domestic militia of his followers who will protect him at all costs, even if it is obvious that he and his billionaire associates are profiting off of his presidency as can be seen by the Republican tax scam.

Now he has proclaimed a fake national emergency. This gives him broad overreaching powers that puts us all in jeopardy. Slowly over the years, American presidents have been given more broad powers that were not intended by our fore-fathers. They instead intended for the impeachment process and the 25th Amendment to be used to prevent people like Trump from usurping Democracy and becoming dictators. Let us make no mistake, as long as the Senate is controlled by the treacherous Republicans then his goal of becoming a dictator and destroying American Democracy are within the realms of possibility.Before you Right-Wingers say that we are a Constitutional Republic, I know. A Constitutional Republic is a form of Democracy.

Trump supporters claim to be Constitutionalists, but this is not true. They hate the Constitution because it gives equality for everyone. They believe that their White Skin and Christianity give them superiority over everyone else by birth and that they have the right to oppress others. For them equality is oppressive to them because they can no longer oppress others. This kind of ultra-Nationalism can only be appeased by ethnic-cleansing which the wall represents to them, and then genocide.

Make no mistake, when we have a government that is stripping people of their legal statuses and even their citizenships this is ethnic cleansing. We have a government stripping people of their citizenships even if they were born here because they have Spanish sounding last names and used a birth-mother to be born at home and were not born in hospitals.
Trump’s next step is try to follow China’s path to create a law to execute drug dealers and users, because in his mind drug dealers and users are Brown and Black. This will be his means to start a genocide and his 34% base of rabid, blood-thirsty supporters will back it 100%. These people are evil and use Evangelical Christianity to justify their wickedness.

May Allah swt protect us all and protect the United States from the enemies within, ameen.

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