The False Prophets of Bethel Church in Redding, CA and the Dajjal (Anti-Christ)

I am a Redding, California native, and it is amazing to me that in my journeys throughout the USA and the world that people know about this small city due to Bethel Church. This church has a growing following based upon false teachings. Teachings that they can make anyone become a Prophet of Allah (God) swt and that they can heal anyone that they wish. They created a school called the Bethel School of Spiritual and Supernatural Ministry, BSSM. If you pay them a high price, you will supposedly become a Prophet astaghfullallaah.
For those that do not know, astaghfullallaah means, “May The God forgive me”, or it can mean, “I am innocent of what was said”. They have taken something that is sacred, Prophethood, and made a mockery of it by putting a price tag on it. They do not realize that there has always been 17 signs of Prophets, and that the Jewish people knew this best. They use these 17 signs to test and see if someone is a Prophet. There are two levels of Prophets. One is someone that has been selected by God to teach what has already been confirmed beforehand. They are unable to commit sin, their only sin is to leave a good deed for a better deed. The second type of Prophet is what is referred to as a Messenger or lawgiver. Where the Prophets did not bring anything new, but confirmed what came before them, the Messengers bring a new way.
According to Islamic tradition, there has been 124,000 Prophets sent to every people to teach the same religion, the oneness of God and the message of God, in a way that they would understand according to their language and cultural understanding. Whereas there has been 313 Messengers sent and only 5 are really known.
Unique to Islam is the belief that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the Seal of the Prophets. Meaning that he is the last of the Prophets and Messengers. There can be no other that can come after him and if anyone should make this claim then they are lying and work for the anti-Christ. Even the book of the Christians in Matthew 24:24 says that, For false Messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. When you take a closer look at Bethel Church you will find that they perform many fake signs in their church. I know, I used to be a member before I was Christian.
They have the air ducts blow out fake gold glitter flakes and say that this is God amongst them. They use false doctrine to say this. They tell people that they will find blue feathers around their homes. Bethel Church will guilt people into giving them not only just 10% of their money for tithing but even more. This has resulted in many people becoming broke and homeless in Redding.
They tell people that if they can give them money that they will heal them of their diseases and ailments. One of their members told me that they can pray for my artificial hip prosthesis and that the metal would turn into flesh. He made the claim that people had metal plates in their back and when Bethel Church members prayed for them that it became flesh. These people are liars without shame. They look for people with ailments, like limps and prey on them, looking for their next victim.
The center of this is their pastor, Bill Johnson. He has spread his version of Christianity worldwide. Even though he claims to have healed thousands of people, he has been unable to heal his own wife Beni, from breast cancer. Now I do not wish ill on Beni. I recommend that she gets some Black Seeds aka Nigella Sativa, the Seed of Blessing and use it to help treat her cancer as well as work with Western Doctors. If she would like to know where to get the Black Seeds, she can contact me and I will arrange for her to get them.
Another interesting thing that Bethel members are doing is to go to grave sites of people that they deem holy and do what they call ‘grave-sucking’. In this practice it is believed that they will take into themselves all the positive attributes of the dead person in the grave. This is a practice stolen straight from some Sufi sects and deemed heretical by mainstream Muslims.

They have a plan called the 7 Dominions where they are plotting to take over every aspect of government, education, and other parts of the country in order to try to control everything. This will allow for them to gain even more power and wealth why they spread their Luciferian doctrine. They have started this in Redding by putting people in power in the local government; paying off the local police by giving them large donations, the last being $500,000. This allowed for them to be allowed to gain more power and access to city owned facilities like the Civic Auditorium. They have been buying businesses around town. Bethel buys low income properties and kick the poor out and put their students in. This has contributed to a homeless crisis in Redding. They have 10% of the Redding area as members or affiliates of their church. Bethel members look down on anyone that is not a member. Their members are very hostile to Muslims and refer to Allah swt as Satan.
Jesus PBUH said that you would know his people by the fruits that they produce. You can also say that you would know the followers of Satan by the fruits that they produce as well. When you have a religious community that has cult-like properties, that use fake signs such as putting glitter in the air vents and lying to their followers saying God is with them, this is a problem. They play music that is hypnotic and played a certain way to in order to elicit behaviors. This makes them open to manipulation. This manipulation takes form in people flying to the ground, laughing, and acting as if they are in mosh pits. They say that this is heavenly, but nobody in the presence of the almighty would be laughing, they would be in a position with their heads to the ground in reverence.
Whenever I have confronted Bethelites, I have used their own book against them. For example, I tell them to look at Isaiah 37 and 2nd Kings 19. These two chapters were written centuries apart and are the same word for word. It proves plagiarism in their book. They all tell me that they do not know what their book says but that they have a relationship with Jesus. I would then try to debate them on the subject of Jesus but they tend to get hostile. They always want to try to lay hands on me and pray even though I tell them that I do not pray to the created which is Jesus, but the creator which is God.
When Bethelites talk about healing and how they can heal people, I tell them that God uses doctors to heal people. It is through humans that he gave the knowledge to create treatments and medicines. God gave us intellect and writing in order to be able to learn medicine. He gave us the plants and herbs to treat illnesses. Of course we believe in spiritual healing as well, Rukya, but it is all through the permission of Allah swt. The Prophet PBUH said, “To trust in Allah swt but tie your camel”. This is a lesson to use what is available and we live in a time where we have modern medicine and access to great medical facilities. It makes no sense to not use them like those Bethelites that wrecked their car and refused to call an ambulance while one of their members lay dying. Everyone in Redding knows this story too well.
Everything that Bethel is involved with is Satanic and makes a mockery of the teachings of Jesus PBUH. They are helping to prepare the way for the arrival of the Dajjal aka anti-Christ. Their only God is money and their Lord is Satan.

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