The True Face of Evil

The state of moral decay in America is upon us and it is getting gloomier. As long as long as Republicans and the ‘Religious Right’ aka Evangelicals intentionally fail to use a moral compass and put their Fuhrer in check, we will continue to go down this dark path. We are looking at the face of evil and it is White, Evangelical, and Republican.

Case in point, Betsy Devos, a billionaire who made her money by running educational for-profit diploma mills, that take advantage of the poor, has been made the Secretary of Education. She has had a life-time crusade against American public education and wants to Christianize all public schools. This includes teaching creationism vs. evolution and classes on the Bible. She has also taken away minority student’s rights and protections against assault and has taken away student’s rights to file complaints against sexual harassment.

Now this is very evil in itself, but it gets worse. Devos and her brother are deeply tied with the Russian mafia. Erik Prince, who is the brother of Betsy Devos, is the owner of Blackwater, a private militia that does its work for the highest bidder. They are notorious around the world for murdering innocents that stand in the way of Multinational Corporations. Blackwater has such a toxic reputation that they have changed their name multiple times in order to keep the stench of death off of them. Prince worked to create a back-channel between the Trump campaign and Putin, with Russian oligarch and Mobster Kirill Dmitriev whose wife is close friend’s with Putin’s daughter.

It is widely known that the Russian mafia takes young children and sales the older pre-teen and teen girls into sex-slavery, and the younger children are used as organ donors. There is big money in selling kids as organ donors.

ICE has been taking kids from their parents and giving them to people without background checks. Many of these children have fallen victim to the Russian business of being sold for organs and into sex-slavery. ICE itself has admitted that it did not conduct background checks and now the US government is confirming that thousands of children are ‘lost in the system’ and will never be reunited with their parents.

The children that have been lucky and have not been taken by the Russian Mafia have been part of another money-making ploy. They have been given to the Devos’ family run Bethany Christian Services that sales these kids for adoption at the price of $50,000 apiece. They have become a commodity to one of the main members of the Trump regime all in the name of Christianity. This has followed the Western Christian tradition of stripping children from their family in an effort to ‘Christianize’ them. Since they are not White or Christian, they are seen as savages that can only be redeemed by raising them in White Christian households.

White Evangelicals, Trump supporters look for any excuse to support this nefarious behavior. They say that it is the parent’s fault that they are coming to the USA to seek asylum as political refugees which is 100% legal under international law, but their fuhrer Trump tells them that that they are a criminal horde coming to invade America. When they get here that will rape their White women and murder their children and leave them in a pool of blood. So his supporters parrot these patently false talking points. Even Evangelical leaders so that these ‘Brown’ horde of invaders is a punishment due to the proclivity of abortion.

The truth of the matter is that these people are leaving war zones and areas destabilized by American policy and corporations in order to take advantage of the resources of their countries to try to get them for pennies on the dollar. America likes to say that it supports Democracy but only ones that allow their corporations to go unchecked in these nations. If a leader of a country wants a corporation to be socially responsible, then the outcome might be destabilization to put in a dictator that will do the bidding of the American corporatocracy.

This has resulted in thousands of children separated from their families to never be reunited again. These policies are eerily similar to what happened in Nazi Germany, and just like in those times, Evangelical Christians are supporting what is happening now. Their bloodthirsty hatred of non-White, brown people is evident for the world to see.

There are many references in the Christian texts, both in the Old and New Testaments to be good to refugees and immigrants and to not oppress them but to treat them as citizens. Jesus himself was a refugee as a baby and had to flee with his family to Egypt due to King Herod killing all of the male babies at a certain age. If Jesus was alive today he would not be accepted by the Evangelicals because he is not White and he is a refugee. They would prevent him from entering and there would be a good chance he would be sold for his organs. I hate to say this but the truth is the truth.

Jesus instructed in his teachings to help the poor and the stranger. He said to help the helpless, the marginalized, those in need. There indeed is a true blessing in this. Islam and the true Christianity are in agreement with this point. However, the Evangelicals have in their twisted doctrine that somehow poor people are not spiritually worthy because the poor are lacking in their character and that the rich people are superior in every aspect of their lives, in every characteristic, including spiritually. This is the root of their prosperity doctrine which has no basis in the teachings of Jesus but is more along the lines of Satanism as the book of the Christians teaches that the love of money is the root of all evil.
We really are living in evil times.

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