The real reason Rep. Ilhan Omar is under attack

I am going to be very clear from the very beginning, an attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar is an attack on every Muslim in the United States.  Muslims expected for the Right, the GOP, to attack her, this was inevitable.  The GOP openly hates Muslims. Too a lesser degree, it was expected that she would be attacked by her own party, the Dems.  The Dems tolerate us for our votes but still look at us Muslims with skepticism. That is because even in 2019, Muslims are under attack by the Left and the Right in America.  Interesting when one learns that Islam is about the ‘Middle Path’ and a Muslim is one that does not lean Left or Right but remains on the Middle Path.

           Rep. Omar is a Muslim. Rep. Omar wears a Hijab or head-covering which is seen bu members of the Left as a sign of oppression.  Where the Left believes that liberation means being uncovered, this is seen as oppressive and backwards.  Whereas to Muslims the Hijab is seen as a sign of Liberation.  Women are respected for their intellect and not their bodies.  Rep. Omar is Black, and outspoken.  The Left is using the tactics of telling her to shut-up and know her place.  However, she will never back down because she is a Muslim.

Islam is a religion that believes in Social Justice.  It is a religion that believes in equality for all.  If there is a so-called Democracy in a country but everyone is not being treated in that country as equals, then this is seen as unjust and hypocrisy.  If politicians are giving people in certain regions of the world armaments and instructions on whom to kill, or are targeting people with drone strikes, but in these strikes are killing innocent babies, this is not seen as justifiable, but seen as murder.  It is seen in the Muslim world that Muslims are demonized in an excuse to desensitize Westerners to the murderous atrocities committed against Muslims across the Muslim world in order for the West to gain and control the resources of the Muslim World. - the best Muslim online personals site! – the best Muslim online personals site!

            Rep. Omar spoke about the influence of AIPAC in politics.  Most Americans do not know about AIPAC, but if you are in any Arab or Muslim country, AIPAC is quite often the topic in coffee shops.  It is believed that AIPAC controls American politics.  When a Congresswoman points this out and asks about the loyalties of politicians that receive money, and then is told to shut up about it or face punishment, this leads credence to the AIPAC Conspiracy.  When politicians on both sides of the Isle propose a bill to make it illegal to be against the Israel protest movement of BDS or to speak out against the Israeli Governments treatment of the Palestinians in violation of the American First Amendment to the Freedom of Speech, this again leads legitimacy to the AIPAC Conspiracy.


            The ACLU has been quick to brand anyone that speaks out against Israel as anti-Semitic in a ploy to prevent anyone speaking out about the inhumane treatment of the Palestinians.  The American media has Americans believing that the Palestinians are cold-hearted terrorists that want to kill every Israeli simply for being Jewish.  They lie about Palestine being a country before Israel was formed even when a simple Google search shows Palestinian monies from the early 1900s.  In fact, statistics show that for every Israeli killed in conflict there are over 1,000 Palestinians killed, and yet we are supposed to turn a blind eye and allow these atrocities to happen because of the atrocities committed by the German Nazis against the Jews in WWII.

            It is very difficult to swallow the pill when American Media and Politicians say that Israel is the only Democracy in the MENA region.  However, only the Jewish Israelis can vote and everyone else is treated as second-class citizens.  Palestinians are kept in their territories like prisoners and are not allowed to be treated in the same class as Israelis.  They are treated as sub-human, which is a shame because the original Jews from this area and the Muslims have always lived side-by-side in peace with the local Christians.  It was always outsiders going back to the Crusades that caused problems in Israel and Jerusalem.

            Jerusalem, which is at the heart of Israel and Palestine, is the home of the three Abrahamic Faiths.  All three faiths of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity hold Jerusalem as near and dear to their hearts.  The center of this city is Masjid al-Aqsa which is off to the side of the Dome of the Rock, yet the media makes people believe that the Dome of the Rock is al-Aqsa.

            The al-Aqsa Mosque is on the same location as the Temple of Solomon.  Even older than the Temple of Solomon, it is also the site of the Temple of Enoch.  There was also another Temple that was at this site that was destroyed by the Romans.  It was sacked and all of the teachings and writings that were preserved there had to be sent out for safety.

            There are some Jewish people that want to destroy al-Aqsa and create a new ‘Solomon’s Temple’ in its place.  There are Evangelicals that want the same.  The Jewish people believe that this temple must be built in order for their Messiah to return.  The Evangelicals believe that the anti-Christ will build his throne there and rule for a certain time before Jesus PBUH returns and defeats him.  Either way it is an important site.

            Muslims believe that al-Aqsa is the modern-day Solomon’s Temple.  The person who created it had a Sufi code-name Solomon because his father’s name was Dawud or David.  He built the Temple under the specifications of the former Solomon’s Temple.  David and Solomon are also Prophet’s of Islam as well.

            There are extremist elements in Israel that want to remove the Palestinians so that they can destroy al-Aqsa and create a new Temple.  The Evangelicals teach in their church that the Jews are a chosen people of God and that if any country turns away from Israel that God will punish them.  So to even speak out against the atrocities is prevented so that they can continue their plans to ethnically cleans the Palestinians and build the temple.  Both the Christians and Jews want this Temple to be built.

            There is a plot of land that is open next to al-Aqsa and it is probably closer to the original site of Solomon’s Temple.  I propose that Israel uses this plot of land to build their temple and let everyone be happy and to allow for everyone to get along.

            Now getting back to Rep. Omar.  She has the right to speak out against these atrocities.  If she believes that someone’s loyalty is to Israel over the USA then she has the right to say so.  I personally have had people tell me that they were more loyal to Israel than to the USA even though they were born in the USA.  This is not to say that everyone believes this, but I have been told this.

            It would make sense to me that if I came from a region not too long ago to want to vote for a candidate that was going to have good policies for that region.  If for example, my ancestors were from Turkey, I would probably want a candidate that would have good policies for Turkey, but I would be concerned if they were accepting money and then changing policies to the detriment of the USA.

            Rep. Omar is always going to have haters, she will always have doubters.  She will always be looked upon with a cloud of suspicion.  The GOP in West Virginia already has tried to make it seem she was involved with the attacks on 9/11.  She is being branded as a terrorist sympathizer on the Right.  She is being victimized with death threats.  Now she is being labeled with the title of anti-Semite.

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           Here is a message and a question for the ACLU.  First, I would like to say thank you for fighting for American Muslims Civil Rights in the era of Trump where they have been trampled on.  I appreciate it as does every American Muslim.  Now my question is this.  When is it appropriate to speak out and question Israeli aggression against Palestine?  When is it appropriate to say that we disagree with an Israeli Government policy?  How can the situation in that part of the world change without people being to protest what they believe is wrong without being called anti-Semitic?  There are many Jewish people whom agree with the Muslims and side with the Palestinians.  I have seen the videos of these Jewish Rabbis getting beaten in Israel for defending the Palestinians.  Are they anti-Semitic?

American Muslims and Jews have been united because of the divisiveness of Trump. We have always gotten along but now we are even closer than ever before. We are able to show the rest of the world that Muslims and Jews can get along. I mean we follow the same religion, just different Prophets. Muslims acknowledge Musa aka Moses as a Prophet and the Jews follow Musa as their main Prophet. We are cousins, we should get along. If we have an issue such as the view of how Palestinians should be treated, then everyone should feel the ability to say their peace without being attacked. This is true Democracy and true justice.

            The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and every other Democrat in Congress needs to realize the Rep. Omar has 8 Million plus Muslims that support her.  We already left the Republican Party after 9/11 when the GOP started their Islamophobia against us and we as a group will leave the Dems as well if you continue to attack Rep. Omar with your Islamophobic speech.  Without our votes, it will be impossible to win in 2020.  Do you want that?

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